Meeting with Minister Goward's Office and Department, July 17, 2014

A number of committee members met in Sydney with a senior advisor to Pru Goward and a senior representative of the Department of Planning on Thursday 17/7.  See our detailed notes from the meeting.

At the meeting with Goward’s advisor and the department we concentrated on points we have previously communicated to the department and Minister, in particular:

What Wind Farm Victims Say

For most people, their views on wind farms are just theoretical or sanitized by money they earn from wind farms.  But people who actually live, or have lived, near wind farms speak from experience.  Many of them speak of living an endless nightmare.  Some of those views are recorded here.

They are encapsulated in the statement “We fought the wind farm company but they were too big, they sent out 'heavies' to smooth things over when we had a problem, big men, sent to intimidate, they lie."

Community Elects Representatives to Jupiter Community Consultative Committe

At a meeting at Tarago Hall on June 22nd, Residents Against Jupiter Wind Turbines elected 7 community representatives to the Community Consultative Committee (CCC) required under the NSW Draft Wind Farm guidelines.  A further 8 alternates were elected to attend meetings in the absence of the elected representatives.  Details have been sent to the Secretary of the Department of Planning and Environment who, under the guidelines, is responsible for appointing the communi

Pru Goward Appointed Minister for Planning

The Hon. Pru Goward, member for Goulburn, has been appointed Minister for Planning in the Baird government of NSW.

As local member, Pru Goward has previously expressed concern about the effect of wind turbine complexes on local communities.  She attended the community meeting at Tarago Hall on February 18th, 2014 and spoke then of her concern.

Naturally we hope that concern will now be translated into government policy in relation to wind turbines and change the behavior of her new department.