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Community Group Shows Impact of Proposed Jupiter Wind Farm

A presentation organised by community members for the Jupiter CCC on December 2nd left no doubt about the massive adverse impact of the proposed wind farm, or about the true rural residential nature of the area.

It highlighted the fact that

  • given the height of the turbines (173 metres) the range within which there may be a dominant impact on properties is 7kms.
  • there are more than 250 residences within about 5 kms of the project and a similar number of properties with no current residence but having residential rights
  • most of those properties are within dominant impact range of a large number of turbines
  • most turbines would affect a large number of properties
  • so in order to adequately evaluate the impact of the project, EPYC needs to provide assessments for all of those properties and perhaps more.

During discussion, the Palerang Council representative on the CCC pointed out that many, perhaps all, of those properties have dual occupancy rights and in general this is not restricted by specified building envelopes.  That means that the potential impact on the property is not just on the existing residence but anywhere else on each property given the right to add another residence.

The presentation included the map below showing current residences around the proposed site.  Click here for a higher resolution version.

Residences near Jupiter wind farm