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DPE Correspondence

Listed below are items of correspondence with or from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI).

There have now been two responses from what was the Deparment of Planning and Infrastructure and is now the Department of Planning and Environment.  The replies essentially said the department would act as a post box for EPYC but would take no substantive action on the matters raised on behalf of the community, except to add some additional government agencies to be consulted by EPYC.  The really substantive matters have been ignored by the department. This has been the experience of everyone writing to the department.

As of July 17 there has been a reply from the Minister and Member for Goulburn (see above).  It says the matters have been referred to the Department of Planning, including presumably our complaint of maladministration by the department.  There is no evidence the Minister is doing anything to actually change the situation, except perhaps have the department send non replies to us a bit faster.