Despite the gross misinformation propagated by wind turbine operators and wind turbine manufacturers and their various enablers, there is ample evidence that wind turbine noise, including frequencies the human ear can't hear, causes health problems for many people.  The attempt by operators, manufacturers and other financial beneficiaries from wind turbines parallels the past efforts of the tobacco and asbestos lobbies to conceal their harmful effects.

The Waubra Foundation, an Australian organisation, has been in the forefront for years in fighting to publicise this harm.

The Foundation has warned:

Be advised that, as a result of information gathered from the Waubra Foundation’s own field research, and from the clinical and acoustic research available internationally, the following serious medical conditions have been identified in people living, working, or visiting within 10km of operating wind turbine developments. The onset of these conditions corresponds directly with the operation of wind turbines:

  • chronic severe sleep deprivation;
  • acute hypertensive crises;
  • new onset hypertension;
  • heart attacks (including Tako Tsubo episodes);
  • worsening control of preexisting and previously stable medical problems such as angina, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, migraines, tinnitus, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder;
  • severe depression, with suicidal ideation;
  • development of irreversible memory dysfunction, tinnitus, and hyperacusis.